step 3. make arrangements

A. Purchase your flights!!!

Purchasing flights at least three months in advance will guarantee you the cheapest rates (about $400-$700 roundtrip). We recommend using Google Flights,, or to check for the cheapest airfareThe closer to the dates that you buy your ticket, prices will be higher.

*We have found that the days in which airfare is cheapest are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

B. Book your hotel.

If you are coming in just for the service trip, you need only book two nights of hotel accommodations. One for the night before the trip, and one for the night when we come back from the trip. (For example, if the trip dates are Dec. 14-17, you would need to book your hotel for Dec. 13--the night before the trip-- and Dec. 17--the night when we return to Guatemala City.) 

Accommodations for nights of the actual service trip will be covered with the $200 deposit you paid in STEP 2.

We recommend staying in hotels within a 2-3 mile radius from the Guatemala City Airport. Many inexpensive hotels can be found at A typical night at a Guatemala City hotel can vary from $50 USD to $150 USD. If you need recommendations for a hotel, please feel free to contact us. 

Travelers may extend trip dates to visit other parts of Guatemala, but the MVA team will not be responsible for transportation or accommodations during that time. We will, however, be happy to provide you with recommendations of sites to visit and places to stay.