Since 2008, we have traveled to Guatemala to make healthcare more available to the communities in Alta Verapaz. The closest hospital access that these communities have is 2-8 hours away, by dirt road.

Although our trips began with healthcare, we recognize the value of education, and seek to promote it as often as we can. We also seek to learn from, and promote the culture of the people in this area. We carry out our mission by doing 2-3 day clinics, where we offer dental, medical, nutritional, and pharmacological services for free. We also visit schools to bring much-needed supplies, and give education-promoting talks. We have also recently began to take donations for major disasters, like the Volcán de Fuego Eruption in June of 2018. 

What We've been able to achieve, thanks to you!

  • Brought thousands of school supplies to over 5 schools in the area
  • Provided medical consultations to more than 3,000 people
  • Performed thousands of extractions on decaying teeth, improving quality of life
  • Rebuilt a straw-and-mud school to a wooden school with a cement floor
  • Successfully diagnosed and treated thousands suffering with parasites and other diseases endemic to the area


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