A Christmas Health Gift: Health Expedition 2016

By: Ileana Coronado 

This year our association, in coordination with the University of San Carlos de Guatemala, has set the month of December to make available health services to as many in the population that can be screened and treated in three days.

We have launched an advertising campaign to target mainly, malnourished children, pregnant women and the elderly.

            In addition to the members of the Association, the following volunteer personnel will be participating:

-       5 Dentists

-       4 Doctors (MD)

-       3 Bio Chemists

-       6 Nutritionists

-       18 senior level Students of the School of Biochemistry, Pharmacy, and The Dental School of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala.

-       2 Students from Brigham Young University

We are coordinating efforts with the Mayor of Cahabón, who will be providing food and lodging for all the volunteers as well as logistics to make this project possible.  ASOPROCA, another local association of volunteers who is currently helping to organize, prepare and get permits so that we can have a successful project.



-       To provide free or charge medical and dental assistance to a part of the population most at risk: children, elderly and pregnant women

-       Make an assessment of growth (height and weight) in children 5 years and younger who are in danger of malnutrition.

-       To provide free basic dental care (extractions, cleanings, dental fillings and fluoride applications)

-       Take a measurement of the incidence of most common diseases through the sampling and analysis of clinical laboratory examinations. (Sampling: urine, stool, and blood glucose) Results will be used to identify and start treatment of  these diseases immediately



            We would greatly appreciate donations to buy the supplies needed for the laboratory examinations, as well as medication. Most chemicals and medication cannot be bought or transported from the USA. Therefore, we need to obtain them in Guatemala. We are indeed grateful to Henry Schein and Ultradent Products Inc. who have kindly donated for the dental area. Thank You!!!