2016 Report

Friends! We're just about a week away from our next trip, and we have fantastic news!!

It's finally here! Sorry it took so long to post, but we finally finished the full report for our Christmas Health Gift trip to Cahabón.  

The report is scientific in nature, so it's a bit long, but, all of the details of our findings are there. We worked really hard to tabulate all of the results from the hundreds of paper charts to record accurate epidemiology. 

Our findings helped us grow as an Association; we believe that now we will be better prepared to help our brethren in Cahabón. By becoming acquainted with the endemic diseases we were able to tailor our program and activities to better contribute to the health of the people in Cahabón.

We just want to reiterate our thanks to the many people who have contributed to our association, whether by volunteering, monetary donations, and even moral support. In publishing this report we also hope that the public who did contribute with monetary donations will be able to see the fruits of their kindness. 

Special thanks go out to: Brandon Colton, Karen Alvarez, Jana Daniels, Oscar Cordon, Emily Hemmert, Lindsay Wagner, Allison Stewart, Telma Teters, Julie Call, Amy Gomez, Kelly Stewart, New Orleans Gaelic Sports Club, Randy Foreman, Familia Ramírez, Anna De Board, Enoc Flores, Hely Meza, Jenn Wilgar, Danyel Brown, Yvonne Salazar, Tracy Carlson, Haley McCauley, and Lynnette McCauley.

We love and appreciate you all!

-The Miguel Vargas Team

For the full report in English, click here: 

For the full report in Spanish, click here: