We are happy to announce that December 14-18, 2018 will be the dates for the next medical trip to Guatemala.

We will be opening the free clinic to the public on Saturday, December 15 through Monday, December 17. We will use the 14th and 18th to travel to and from Alta Verapaz and Guatemala City. 

The villages that will receive services include Secanante, Rumpoc, Cholwinq I and Cholwinq II. The rough location is here:


The populations are 799, 701, 147, and 105 people, respectively. Out of these four villages, Secanante is the only one that has electricity and running water. Additionally, this village has a school, community hall, sports court, soccer field, and a small creek. 

Rumpoc, Cholwinq I and II, are approximately 5 km (40 mins walking distance) from Secanante. Homes in this area are constructed with cement blocks, steel plates, wood, and or a stick-and-mud mix called "bajareque." All roads leading to, and from the villages are dirt roads, and the distance from the department capital (with the closest medical services) is 2 hours by automobile.

We are in need of four doctors and three nurses who would like to volunteer for this project. Anyone interested can contact us by email at mvahumanitarian@gmail.com

We are so excited for the end of this year. 

Christel Coronado Fitts -MVA Public Relations